Saturday, December 29, 2007

new food

Chilli Crab Nissin Noodles great for those who love chilli and can withstand it because it's really hot!!!sold at NTUC for i think $1.50...can't rememeber around tt price nice nice:)

Homemade Milo full of foam nice nice price:priceless only made by my sis<3 maybe for the lucky family members of mine...=)LOok out for our shop in the near future orh!!!jkjk but maybe leh anyway, do buy the food if you like 'em! bye!:)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Prawn Dumplings with HSC Bird Nest:)Perfect match.The Swensens Prawn Dumplings costs about $5+

the cai fan also around Lorong Ah Soo it is at S11.clam,long bean and sweet and sour pork:)nice nice:P

this is the fries and the bread and the sauce and...

Steak bought from Lorong Ah Soo market $6.00

Mee Soto Instant Bowl Noodles Sold for an average of $1.20

Oreo donut can be found @ kovan

Popiah!:)I forgot the shop name omg...sorry will tell u when i know

Canadian Pizza :)

KFC nuggets:)

Mashed potato with coke...nuggets tastes fabulous when dipped into the mashed potato:)

GV Popcorn and coke:) @ J8